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Minh Phan
Sales Representative at Keller Williams Advantage Realty

It was a blessing for me to have met Lucas; He’s helped me recognize certain concerns I have with where I want to be in my life and have given me the tools to change my thought process, thereby allowing me to grow emotionally and mentally. Thank you Lucas for lifting weights off my mind and heart.

Lucas is also coaching me with my real estate business for 2013. What he says make so much sense and I can see where it’s holding me back…I look forward to an awesome year in real estate with your business strategic coaching in place!

Valerie De Moore
CEO at De Moores

I would love to see everyone heading in the direction of Lucas to gain great insight into what needs to be done to have a magnificent future. He is extremely passionate and wants the utmost best for his clients.

I’m so busy with the direction I am going in and I owe a lot to Lucas for helping me to stay on track and focused to become very successful in my field. Thank you Lucas for being the wonderful person you are.

Michael Owusu
Associate at BMO Financial Group

Lucas is a phenomenal individual with a deep understanding of setting and achieving goals. He’s energetic, motivational and can laser focus what you want to get out of life. I highly recommend anyone trying to improve any area of their life to connect with him.

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