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What began as an intense desire to change and improve his life, has grown into a passionate mission for helping individuals transform the quality of their lives. For more than half a decade now, Lucas Asu has been one of the leading catalysts and strategists for creating lasting change in Canada. He has coached and impacted the lives of more than five thousand people from every walk of life-CEO’s, psychologists, managers, top salespeople, corporate professionals, community leaders, teachers, students, and parents. He is the author of Success Has No Color, Only Principles

Background and Influence

When Lucas moved to Canada, he quickly developed a keen interest in practical and Humanistic Psychology to find the tools to make himself a better person and also to understand his new environment, the people, the culture and how to succeed in it. Through that intense curiosity, he fully immersed himself into the extraordinary work and teachings of Anthony Robbins and became one of his students. By immediately applying what he was learning he saw a radical change in the quality of his life. The information and psychological technologies he was exposed to was so compelling and practical he knew it wasn’t enough to just learn them, he had to master them, and he had to share the remarkable benefits of these technologies with others to contribute to enhancing the quality of their lives. He then dedicated himself into mastery to deepen his knowledge, skills and abilities in these leading-edge sciences for creating lasting change, leadership and peak performance, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Human Needs Psychology (HNP), Spiral Dynamics (SD) as well as Hypnotherapy. He was also taught, trained and influenced by two other incredible masters in the field: Dr. Tad James of the American Board of NLP and Steve Linder of SRI University.


Lucas’s framework is a constellation of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Human Needs Psychology (HNP), Spiral Dynamics (SD), Strategic Intervention (SI) and Hypnotherapy.

Coaching and Training

Lucas has been coaching since 2007 through his first company Mind Set and in 2010 when he became a trainer of NLP and Life Coaching; he transformed it into MSR Coaching. Having learned and used NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Life Coaching skills on a daily basis since 2007 to coach his clients on a personal and professional level, and making new distinctions every day, Lucas has been training and certifying individuals in NLP and Life Coaching since 2010. He is regarded to have the highest training and certification standard nationwide because of his ability to draw from the practical application and real world experiences of coaching individuals and organizations every day. And most importantly, his graduate students are some of the best coaches and persons you will ever meet.

Lucas Asu Results Coaching was created on the 3, of January 2015 as an innovative platform to serve our customers better and for a mission of a world-wide impact.

Our Business Principles

*Act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings

*Care deeply and treat our clients with utmost respect

*Tirelessly pursue outstanding results for our customers and their growth

*Hold ourselves and the people we serve to the highest standards

*Flexible in embracing change, innovation, and growth

Read: Success Has No Color, Only Principles


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