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Change Your Story, Transform Your Life and Live the Life You Deserve

change your story

The story you are telling yourself and others about why your life is the way it is and why you are the way you are is one of the most powerful forces shaping the conditions, circumstances and direction of your life. Your story controls your life.

Are you succeeding or failing?
Do you have more reasons for joy or sorrow?
Is your relationship filled with love, passion and fulfillment or with emptiness and misery?

The only thing stopping you from having what you want and living the life you deserve is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t have it.

“Your life is a reflection of the story you have been telling yourself.” – Lucas Asu.

The fastest way to transform your life and live the life you deserve is to change your story.

According to the Science of NLP, two core elements formed the code of how you perceive yourself, your potential and whether you see more possibilities or limitations. These two elements are your story and your beliefs. Your story and beliefs are powerful active forces that are shaping everything happening in your life.

Your story and your beliefs can be changed, your life transformed, and you can live the life you deserve and experience a greater level of success, happiness, love and well-being using the powerful tools of NLP and Coaching. Yes! You can change story and beliefs and transform your life!

Your story is made up of your life’s history; the major events you select as ones that impacted you the most inspiringly or traumatically, your successes and challenges. The significance of your story is that it is a powerful active living force constituting the fabric that’s shaping and directing everything taking place in your life. The power of your story is immeasurable. When you grasp the depth of its impact in your life, you can apply that insight to transform and elevate your life beyond what you may have thought was possible.

Human beings have remarkable abilities to take any experience of their lives and interpret or frame it in a way that empowers them or in a way that paralyzes them. Your story is not who you are. It is just an interpretation, a perspective you constructed from the experiences or events that took place in your life. You created your story out of a positive intention to have a sense of meaning of those experiences. When your story is negatively framed, your life starts to go downhill, and you begin to believe that your story is absolute truth, complete and can never be changed. You are not your story; it is just a perspective of an event(s), and it can be changed and the quality of your life can be significantly improved.

Is the way you’ve framed the perspective of your story causing you to be focusing on possibilities which then fills you with happiness, success, love and well-being? Or it’s framed in a way that’s causing you to be focusing on dangers, limitations and worst case scenarios thereby living a life full of fear, worries, problems and sicknesses?
A person’s story can be empowering, neutral or dis-empowering. An empowering story empowers and inspires your life, and a neutral story gives a balanced perspective and a dis-empowering story creates suffering and imprisoned you into a survival pattern of life.

The anchors of your story are emotional states your body memorized when you experienced those events and formed the meaning which is now your story. Since your story was created from the meaning you made up and associated with selective events of your life; you can use a very effective NLP technique called “re-framing” to transform it. This will cause the disturbing, traumatic and blocked energies to be released and new doors open leading to greater possibilities for growth, transformation and easier manifestation of your dreams, goals and the life you deserve to live. And this is the reason NLP and Coaching are regarded as the Ultimate Technologies of Personal Transformation.

Change your story, transform your life and live the life you deserve.

To your success,
Lucas Asu Results coaching Team.

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