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How to get People that Don’t Want to Change to Change

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What takes the least amount of effort and is the most efficient and impactful method of getting people that don’t want to change to change? Is it the strategic application of the skills of persuasion and influence or yelling and brute force?

The battle between the sun and wind is considered the greatest persuasion battle our planet has ever experienced. The two have argued for centuries about who is the strongest and most persuasive and one day they decided to set the record straight. The wind had always believed and created an impression for everyone to conclude him to be the strongest because of the destructive effects of forces such as tornadoes and hurricanes. The wind also wanted the sun to accept publicly and admit he is the strongest. The sun knowing himself and his persuasive abilities never gave into the wind’s grandiloquent attitude.

One day the sun decided he wanted the matter to be settled once and for all, so he challenges the wind to compete with him in a contest. The sun skilfully and intelligently chose and designed the test. He said, “Hey, you see that muscular man taking a walk over there; I challenge you to use your power and blow the man’s jacket off.” The wind thinking it will be an easy contest, and he was going to defeat the sun began blowing the man’s jacket. He was puzzled as each wind gust only made the man hold even more tightly to his jacket. The wind became furious and blew harder; the man held even tighter. The harder the wind blew, the more the man resisted and held on tight to his jacket. The wind became so strong that it even knocked the man to the ground, but he clenched tight and won’t let go of his jacket. So out of frustration, the wind finally gave up and challenges the sun to prove he can get the man to take off his jacket. The sun smiled. He shone nicely and warmly upon the man. The man felt the warmth of the beautiful sun; sweat began to appear on his forehead. The sun intensified his effort and continued pouring out more warmth and sunshine upon the man; the man became so hot and sweaty. The man finally took off his jacket. The sun had won the contest using persuasion and influence. He won without stress, without using much energy and without causing any injuries to the man. This is persuasion at its finest.

The sun then turned to the wind and said: to get people to change or do the things you want is not a matter of force, or yelling or screaming at them; people will always resist whenever you try to use force to get them to do something or change. But the skills of persuasion and influence will impact them to change and do what you want them to do because they will think and believe they did it because they wanted to. This is a classic demonstration of the power and impact of the masterful use of the skills of persuasion and influence.

Learning and mastering the skills of persuasion and influence in today’s communication and social media age is the most valuable and rewarding investment you will ever make in your life. This is what will give you the power to make changes in your life; power to achieve success, power to build stronger and lasting relationships, power to impact and change lives and the power to hold a high standing in the world.

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*Lucas Asu Results Coaching Team*

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By Lucas Asu, Master Coach: Trainer: Speaker
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    Great reminder to us all, Lucas. Thank you.

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