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Do you know that Public Speaking is the number most valuable skill to learn and master in this communication age?

Do you know that in the corporate world the people who communicate and presents more effectively earns between 50 – 70% more than their peers doing the same job with the same educational level?

“People who communicates and presents more effectively earn 50 – 70% more than their peers doing the same jobs with the same level of education.” – Cisco

The world has changed. So is the way we communicate. The ability to stand in front of a room and share ideas conversationally with an audience of any size with dynamic confidence, passion and impact is the most valuable and rewarding skill to master in this communication age. To have the edge, you must learn skills that give you that edge. Whether your goal is to finally overcome the fear of public speaking, or to enhance your presentation abilities so you can increase your level of effectiveness and career success, or you are a manager who wants to learn how to re-energize a team or you’re someone who wants to become a professional speaker, or you’re a corporate training and you want to significantly increase your impact, this boot camp will take you beyond basic public speaking skills into learning cutting-edge science and techniques of effective and powerful communication. These world-class skills and techniques will be drilled into every cell of your body so they become a part of who you are.

Public speaking is a science and an art. The science is the process and techniques of moving people emotionally, intellectually and physically. The art is the style of delivery. Our outcome is to enable you to acquire the science and develop the style that is adaptable to your unique personality so that you can be a passionate and impressionable presenter.

Our Psychology and Methodologies:

We have merged the best of the best training methods and communication technologies of Anthony Robbins science of passionate communication, International Speaking Academy’s no-nonsense methods and NLP communication strategies.

Making public speaking fun

People learn best when the process is enjoyable. One of our objectives is to make sure you have the most fun while learning the skills of a top-notch speaker. Masterful public speaking ability is not an inborn trait, it’s a learned skill. Now you can learn it! It’s easy! It’s fun!

Course Outline

Day 1
Learn how to wipe out fear and anxiety in your mind and body before you present and cultivate total confidence and passion. You will also learn how to build deep caring and rapport with a group of any size, and speak conversationally in a manner that fits each person’s mental and emotional model so your message and intention are accepted. Includes several practice periods and instant feedback.
Day 2
You will learn how to take charge of the presentation room and techniques of how to get your audience’s attention and sustain it throughout the duration of your presentation. We will navigate and unearth the secrets of global masters of communication and influence. You will learn and embody through regular practice the core competencies and top strategies of world-class communicators for massive impact when you are in front of any group, any size, anywhere. Includes several practice periods and instant feedback.
Day 3
Learn how to design and tailor your message to meet the specific needs of your audience. You will also learn how to disarm and handle hecklers and other disturbances; also learn the dos and don’ts of an outstanding speaker. Conditioning: we will reveal exclusive tools for rapid conditioning – how to condition yourself to be a confident, passionate and charismatic presenter. Includes several practice periods and instant feedback.

Cost $999

Dates: July 22 – 24, 2016

Training Venue: Hotel Novotel, 3670 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON


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