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Losing 100 lbs in 90 days.

I am generally skeptical about everything until it’s proven to me. I was in the worst shape physically in my life. I wasn’t happy with what I was presenting to others about who I am. But it took just one meeting and I was hooked to Lucas’s brilliance. The next day after meeting with Lucas was the beginning of my new life. I got up in the morning and stepped on the scale; I weighted in at 360 lbs. At that moment I knew that would be the last time I would ever see that number again. I start implementing Lucas’s coaching ideas, my weight began dropping immediately.

With the support, inspiration and strategies of my weekly coaching sessions – Lucas focused me on strategic self improvement to help me not only to achieve my weight loss goals, but to transform my life. Within ninety days I had lost 100 lbs. I was beyond ecstatic. I continued with even more determination, momentum and action and dropped another 62 lbs in the next five months. In just 8 short months I had lost 162 lbs. I achieved the impossible to be at my desired weight. I had done what most people thought I could never do. And all I really did was to follow the coaching plan I created by Lucas.

The most marvellous thing about it all was that Lucas helped me to focus on making myself a better person, the kind of person I am proud of, the kind of person I am happy being everyday, and the 162 lbs lost was the reward I got in the process of making myself that better person. Right after losing the weight, my legal career took off. I am currently running a successful business and living a healthy lifestyle. Lucas’s coaching methods are now a part of me. Lucas worked a miracle for me, although I know he would never call it that.I encourage anybody who feels they need to find a new lease on life to reach out this remarkable man.

Sandeep Randhawa, Lawyer and entrepreneur, Toronto, Canada.

Overcoming the loss of a loved one

My son had just died by suicide in our home. I was completely broken mentally, emotionally and physically. I couldn’t even tell what day it was or what month it was. Everything was blurry. All I wanted was to be alone, was to die and be with my son. Then a stranger showed up at my house with a big fruit basket and placed it on my kitchen table. I had no idea who this man was. But he looked friendly. While I wanted to die, Lucas had other plans for me. He would return again and again being there for me and my family and listening to whatever I had incoherently put together about how I deserve to die. Somehow, Lucas was able to get through to me and helped me transcend the pain, transcend the loss and the grief of the death of my son. I didn’t want to get back on track, but he refused to allow me further suffer. He helped me to find the strength, hope and purpose to live. I am here today because God brought Lucas into my life. Thank you Lucas for giving me back my life. You healed my heart and showed me how to love life and all those I come in contact with. Your coaching saved my life. May God continue to bless you. – Debbie Primo, Mississauga, ON

Danny Zita
IT professional

Lucas is an exceptionally passionate and knowledgeable trainer. His ability to deliver and explain the intricacies of these technologies and tools for creating change and coaching is second to none.

I completed the NLP and Life Coach course feeling like I had just woken up from a dream. I now have the manual to the inner working of the most powerful computer: my mind. You have forever changed my life.

Nicole Higgins
Office and Safety Manager, Petron Communications. Fort Saint John, BC

Lucas is exceptional, his knowledge, professionalism and character is outstanding. He lives and breathes his teaching and it shows in his ability to effortlessly deliver what each individual need. I am blessed to a student. I am forever grateful.

Sadia Ali
Founder, Sadia Ali Realty Corp, Brokerage, Burlington, ON

Lucas is also warm, genuinely caring and passionate about what he does. He is a brilliant trainer. He teaches from the heart and gives his all to his students for them to realize their full potential.

Olusegun Wisdom
Medical Scientist, Brampton, ON, Canada

Lucas is one of the best coaches and trainer, I have ever met. His knowledge and expertise in human behaviour, communication and leadership is truly remarkable. His training helped me to understand myself much deeper, and to know how to relate, communicate and have stronger relationships with my family, friends and coworkers.

Melissa Solomon
Energy Healing Coach, Sudbury, ON, Canada

I sensed my desire and made my request to the universe to guide me to be a life coach and practitioner of NLP. And part of that initial request was in the universe to direct me to a teacher who could guide me into making a difference in my own life, and follow the path I was destined to walk on. Lucas was that teacher, I was led to meet. His training transformed me from a negative, toxic, hateful, angry and full of baggage person to a forgiving, trusting, loving, confident and full of life girl. Lucas is an amazing teacher. I strongly recommend Lucas’s training to anyone wanting to study NLP and Life Coaching.

Nikki Coughlan
New Market, ON

When I decided to pursue my passion to become a Coach, a good friend referred me to take my NLP and Life Coach training with Lucas. The training atmosphere is fun; I experienced many breakthroughs, personal growth, and gained more confidence in myself and in using the skills I learned to help others. The small class size allowed me to ask questions and received answers of personal attention. The knowledge, tools and experiences provided are mind expanding. Being a mom and a support for my husband and our business, I was able to bring many innovative tools home that has helped to create a more loving and harmonious environment at home as well the ability to create a stronger vision for our future growth.

Max Switzer
Founder Switzer Coaching, Florida, California, USA

Lucas’s NLP and Life Coach training helped me to unleash my potential and developed the character to take full control of my life. The training provided me with a greater and practical knowledge and understanding of myself, as well the fundamental patterns that shape human behaviour and the inherent power of choice each of us have within to shape our destiny. The training also equipped me with the technologies and tools to help others improve their lives and performance.

A few months after I completed my practitioner training, I set up my coaching business. Nothing is more gratifying to me than having the skills to be anywhere in the world and be able to coach people and make a good living. It is the most amazing thing in the world. Taking my NLP and Life coach training with Lucas was the best decision that changed my life and gave me the opportunity to be doing what I love doing today: coaching people.

Overcoming sexual assault, trauma and paranoia

I was sexually molested three years; this despicable attack poisoned my whole life causing me to suffer from Severe Paranoia, Depression, PTSD I was sexually molested three years; this despicable attack poisoned my whole life, causing me to suffer from Severe Paranoia, Depression, PTSD and Anxiety. Along with all my mental and emotional suffering, I was also having difficulties making the right decision when it came to relationships with men. I was choosing men who only perceived me as an object of their sexual desires. I couldn’t say “no” to a man’s sexual request, it scared me too much. I know I was going down a destructive path, but I was so learned helpless in that world of pain and suffering.

All the prescription medication and numerous consultations and visits with my family doctor, psychologists, psychiatrist and counselling offered no help until a family member who had come in contact with Lucas and his marvellous work referred me to him. What a blessing it was for me to meet Lucas. He took the time to know me as a person and to understand in greater details the history of my problems, and how they affect me. One might think it would take months, even years to heal from the sexual assault I went through when I was seventeen. But to my surprise it took one session, which lasted about an hour. I immediately felt a rush of serenity. I felt free at last. Free from shame, guilt, embarrassment and overwhelming nightmares. But most of all I was free from FEAR – the fear of seeing my rapist and freezing in that fear. I am free. I feel whole again. I am stronger and have more confident in myself than any other time in my life. I can now think clearly and make right decisions that benefit me and my future. I thank God everyday for meeting Lucas and for his help in changing my life. I am free.